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  2. Cincinnati Warriors PRO BASKETBALL TEAM BRING World Class Level of Entertainment to City



Our mission is to bring the most entertaining brand of professional basketball to Ohio.  We are dedicated to the history and the professionalism of the game.  Our passions are more than just the art of basketball but the connection it has to the community as well.  We will use our platform to provide a beacon of leadership that transcends sports itself.  We understand the emotional connection between fans and sports and we want to embrace that in the most positive light possible.  By providing a safe and fun atmosphere in the arena where fans can come and enjoy the game we all love.

We are dedicated to community outreach and ways to magnify the impact sports can have on people of all ages. We know that we represent the community in all that we do so it is a priority to shed light on social issues that impact us all.

We are very enthusiastic about building a relationship that can provide avenues of community growth and development.  We are a team and organization for growth and opportunity.  We hope to be a direct link for our players making the transition to other opportunities that may take them all over the world.  We will always uphold the standards of excellence our sponsors expect.  By dedicating ourselves to these values we are extremely confident that we can have something beautiful and sustaining to be proud of. –Scottie Donald- TMO

 Scottie Donald – Team Market Owner

Scottie is a former professional basketball player. His love for the game far exceeds his days on the court. He has been a avid spokesman and trainer for players on every level of the game through his training with Hoop Veteran©. He is also a former high school basketball coach at (Roger Bacon High School).

For several years (6) he has participated in the Celebrity Basketball Extravaganza (Cincinnati, Ohio) where local celebrities and NFL, MLB, NBA past and present players played in the name of many local charities (A Kid Again). In addition he also is a published author (The Dorian Gray Mirror) (The Fairytale Guide to Love) and published model (EvenFlow)(AA). He enjoys spending time with his children and family. Scottie majored in political science and attended Clark, Central State and the University and Wilberforce University (HBCU). He is thrilled to bring an elite level of professional basketball to Cincinnati Ohio with the TBL.

Richard Converse – Team Market Owner

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to introduce myself as co-TMO of the TBL Cincinnati Warriors. I’ve had a passion for basketball dating back to the times my father would take me to the Cincinnati Royals games at the Gardens. Ever since those days, I’ve developed into a basketball superfan. With this franchise, and the guidance of an experienced staff, we want to bring quality professional basketball back to the Queen City. This franchise marks the culmination of that goal.

Professionally, I currently hold an M.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of Cincinnati and have over 30 years of research experience as a Molecular Biologist. I began teaching as an adjunct instructor with Cincinnati State in 2004. I am now retired (but still working) as an adjunct instructor with Sinclair CC, Clark State CC, ATA College, NKU, and IVY Tech.

My interests include: gene regulation, evolution, human development, molecular genetics, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, teaching, and, of course, BASKETBALL!

I’m thrilled to help bring quality pro basketball back to Cincinnati!

See you at the game!

Richard Converse, TMO Cincinnati Warriors–